The Centre for Modern Thought was created at Aberdeen in 2005 in order to foster dynamic and theoretically informed cross-disciplinary research. It was established as a forum for rethinking the key intellectual movements of modernity in the context of the most urgent questions of our time. Its degree-granting programmes are designed to provide graduate training and supervision at the very highest levels.

The Centre has grown rapidly in the past years, and has attracted significant attention on the global academic stage by reason of its distinguished participants and the breadth of its ambition. In its activities, it traverses the fields of literature, philosophy, theory of art, political and legal thought, and science studies. With a strong emphasis on intellectual history and philosophical foundations, we seek to give a new impetus to contemporary theoretical research. We also want to explore what is possible in the academy and to create a new interface between it and other sectors of cultural and political activity.

Students may pursue advanced degrees at the Masters and Ph.D. level.

Our programmes offer considerable freedom, but also thorough training in a rich environment of discussion and intellectual encounter. Students have the opportunity of working in a unique context that includes an exceptional concentration of intellectual leaders and creative talent.


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